Rapid changes in society are continuously introducing complexity and dynamics to the activities of professionals. Our research helps people and organisations professionalise for the benefit of their own performance and of society at large, both in the present and in the future.

Prepared for the future

The research conducted within this theme actively contributes to finding solutions for current pressing issues in the educational sector, such as the shortage of available teachers and segregation within education. The overarching concern is how best to prepare professionals for the practice of tomorrow, while remaining attentive to the variety of talents, needs and skills among young people and active professionals.

Dynamic learning environment Elly de Bruijn

“We conduct research into the quality of educational programmes and of professional practice, thereby providing added value for lecturers and other trainers, professionals and organisations.”

Elly de Bruijn Director of Learning and Innovation and professor of Vocational Education

Learning and working together

We develop educational content and methodologies for students, workers, trainers and organisations. We create learning and development activities, by means of which students and professionals work together in tackling challenging issues from professional practice.

Ongoing development

The insights and results achieved are incorporated into the education provided at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, as well as in the professionalisation of our own staff members. By working together with various educational institutions, research institutes and the public domain, we strive to meet the demand for well-trained professionals.

the research groups


Daan Andriessen | Professor | Methodology of Practice-Based Research

Daan Andriessen

Professor Methodology of Practice-Based Research ResearchComponents.PersonsFeed.ButtonText
Cok Bakker lector NP

Cok Bakker

Professor Normative Professionalisation ResearchComponents.PersonsFeed.ButtonText
Elly de Bruijn | Professor | Research group Vocational Education

Elly de Bruijn

Professor Vocational Education ResearchComponents.PersonsFeed.ButtonText
Anita Cremers | Professor | Research group Co-Design

Anita Cremers

Professor Co-design ResearchComponents.PersonsFeed.ButtonText
Rick de Graaff | Professor | Research group Foreign Language Education

Rick de Graaff

Professor Multilingualism and Education ResearchComponents.PersonsFeed.ButtonText
Maaike Hajer is professor within the research group Multilingualism and Education

Maaike Hajer

Professor Multilingualism and Education ResearchComponents.PersonsFeed.ButtonText

Kees Hoogland

Professor Mathematical and analytical competences of professionals ResearchComponents.PersonsFeed.ButtonText
Remko van der Lugt | Professor | Research group Co-Design

Remko van der Lugt

Professor Co-design ResearchComponents.PersonsFeed.ButtonText
Elwin Savelsbergh | Professor | Research group Science and Technology Education

Elwin Savelsbergh

Professor Research group Science and Technology Education ResearchComponents.PersonsFeed.ButtonText
Marlies van Steenbergen | Professor | Research group Digital Smart Services

Marlies van Steenbergen

Professor Digital Ethics ResearchComponents.PersonsFeed.ButtonText
Picture of Kristin Vanlommel

Kristin Vanlommel

Professor Driving Educational Change ResearchComponents.PersonsFeed.ButtonText
Johan Versendaal | Professor | Research group Digital Smart Services

Johan Versendaal

Professor Digital Ethics ResearchComponents.PersonsFeed.ButtonText
Ilya Zitter | Researcher | Research group Vocational Education

Ilya Zitter

Professor Vocational Education ResearchComponents.PersonsFeed.ButtonText


In order to develop our knowledge regarding the complexity and dynamics of professional practice, we work closely together with experts directly involved in professional practice, as well as with professionals from other schools and training facilities. If you have a research question related to current or future issues in education, development and innovation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Labs and centres of expertise

We work together with various Labs and Centres of Expertise to exchange and disseminate specific knowledge and expertise. See what they can do for you:


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