Master programmes

With a Bachelor degree, you are able to pursue a Master degree. The Master programmes take between one and two years. Upon successful completion you are awarded Masters degree. This degree is a professional Masters.

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht offers the following English-taught Master programmes:

Master of Business Studies (MBS) in Innovation in European Business

Business often find that many young professionals although possessing management skills and knowledge, lack creativity and are not aware of the specific challenges inherent in implementing and managing the cycle of innovation.  Furthermore, graduates are not familiar with the requirements of managing dynamic environments. The Master of Business Studies (MBS) in Innovation in European Business is designed to meet the needs of delivering graduates with the perspective of change in an international perspective. 

Master Integrated Care Design

This Masters course on Integrated Care Design seeks to provide senior-decision-makers, managers and care professionals with a cohesive and blended programme that seeks to understand how approaches to integrated care can support the delivery of the Triple Aim goals in care delivery: a better care experience for clients; better care outcomes and improved population health; and a more sustainable and cost effective care system.
The course is relevant to people working to achieve innovations in multi-disciplinary health and welfare delivery through service redesign.


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