Student services and facilities

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht offers many modern facilities to students.

Computer/project room

IT facilities

HU offers plenty of modern IT facilities like media libraries, audiovisual equipment and plenty of photocopiers. Wireless Internet access is available in all buildings, thanks to the many Wi-Fi points.

Computer/project rooms

Students can make use of computer (project) rooms in all buildings for free.  

Digital notice board

All course-related information, including lecture timetables, examination dates, study results and the study guide, is available via the intranet of HU. Every student is allocated his or her own e-mail address on our domain.  

Free use of the (media) libraries

You can use the internet to search the catalogue of the media libraries of HU and the university’s main library. You can also borrow study books at the libraries from the faculties.


Warm meals, rolls, drinks and other snacks are available at the canteen. If the canteen is closed you can get coffee, soft drinks and snacks at the vending machines that are in the building.

Sports facilities

Sports facilities are open to all students at Sport Centre Olympos situated at the campus. Students of HU get a discount at Olympos. The centre has tennis courts, playing fields, a fitness room and three sport halls where you can apply for courses ranging from fencing and yoga to salsa and street dance.

Going abroad

Perhaps you would like to complete part of your course in another country, or undertake a work experience placement overseas. You will not be the first! Many of our students have travelled abroad, visiting everywhere from the USA to China. Our International Office can inform you about the various options.

Learning Dutch

Even though many people in the Netherlands speak English and you will not need it for your study programme, we definitely recommend you to learn Dutch while you are living in the Netherlands. This will surely enhance your experience and contribute to your pleasant stay in the country! HU offers different courses in Dutch for Beginners. The focus of these courses is on communication for everyday purposes and on getting you acquainted with the Dutch and their culture. You will receive more information after your arrival in the Netherlands.