HU Honours programme

Everyone has talents, so everyone can excel at HU!

If you come to study at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, you will have the opportunity to extend your knowledge and study particular areas in greater depth. You can do this by completing the full Honours Programme, or by following an additional course or an additionally challenging internship.

You can do extra work in the fields of:

  • Expertise: you have the necessary basic knowledge and you always keep a critical eye on your own actions;
  • Innovation and dissemination: where possible, you seek to make your field of work more professional;
  • International orientation: you follow the developments in your field at the global level;
  • Professional drive: you strive to become better and thus to improve the profession as a whole;
  • Leadership: you have excellent skills in planning, managing and collaborating with others.

Your extra effort will be evaluated by an honours committee. If you receive a positive review, you will be awarded a Star Certificate. If you are evaluated positively for all five parts, you will receive the Designation of Excellence on your Bachelor’s degree certificate.

Here are some of the advantages of our honours tracks:

  • receive acknowledgment for your (additional) efforts
  • make the most of your abilities
  • realize your ambitions
  • make your CV stand out from the crowd
  • increase your chance of finding a challenging job
  • expand your network

Everyone has talents, so everyone can excel at HU University of Applied Sciences! Which routes are available will depend on your chosen field of study.

HU Honours

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