As soon as you have made the decision to study at HU University of Applied Sciences, you will need to prepare for your stay. As an international student you need to arrange quite a few things. There are regulations and laws that will affect your stay. In order to inform you in the best possible way, and with the latest information, the Dutch government has created an application that directly provides official information.

Non EER students probably need a visa and/or a residence permit. In addition, you must make sure you have adequate insurance and funding for your stay. Use the Pathfinder wizard below to find out if you need a student visa or permit. The outcome of the wizard will show the procedures for obtaining a visa specifically for your country.

By using the Pathfinder wizard, you can easily see which other preparations you need to make and when. Please tick the boxes on the list to filter the topic(s) you wish to know more about and help prepare your stay in the Netherlands. The wizard will give you tailor-made information about residence permits, student finance and loans, health insurance and paying taxes that applies to your personal situation.

Please note: the Pathfinder wizard is not compatible with Internet Explorer version 9.0 and previous versions of this browser. If you have trouble using pathfinder, please refer to the Study in Holland website for more information about visa, permits, finance, insurance and taxes.