Every person living in the Netherlands is obliged by law to have medical insurance. It is also highly recommended to take out personal liability insurance.

Please use the Pathfinder link on our website to find detailed information on health insurance advice.

In general these rules apply:

Students with EU/EEA or Swiss nationality

If you have a European Insurance Card the insurance from your home country will cover your expenses in the Netherlands and you will be able to use your home insurance policy.

However, if you wish to do paid work or an internship in the Netherlands, you will be required to take out a Dutch public health insurance (see details below).

Students with non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationality

Students are required by Dutch law to have sufficient health insurance cover during their stay in the Netherlands. Insufficient, incorrect or no insurance at all can result in a heavy fine for the student.

It is important you arrange your Dutch student insurance before you arrive in the Netherlands. The HU immigration unit shall send you a reminder and link with details on how to arrange your health insurance at the time of confirmation of issue of your Dutch visa.

To understand the Dutch health system we recommend you read the general information in Pathfinder. A general Dutch public health insurance is not required when your stay is for the purpose of study, however if you begin any form of work, or an internship that is not part of your study programme you will need to change to this cover (see details below).

Dutch public health insurance

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht offers a collective Dutch public health insurance with Zilveren Kruis Achmea. It is possible to receive a promotional contract code from HU after you have been fully enrolled

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