Utrecht is a city of higher education. Students make up a considerable part of its population. This has a very positive effect on the atmosphere in the city, but it also means that finding a place to stay can be a real challenge. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht wants to assist its international students as much as possible in finding suitable temporary accommodation.


Most students in Utrecht live together with more students in a student’s house. Most likely, you will have your own room with a bed, a desk and a cupboard. Usually you need to share a bathroom and kitchen with more persons. All accommodation are situated within travelling distance from the various educational institutions: on the university campus the Uithof, in the city of Utrecht or its suburbs. Rental fees are between € 375 and € 655 per month and include utilities (water, heating, electricity). The accommodations are fully furnished and supplied with cooking utensils and cleaning materials. Bed linen can be purchased from the rental office upon arrival.

HU does not own any housing or accommodation. Instead, HU has an agreement with SSH Short Stay, a local housing corporation that offers temporary furnished housing. They reserve a range of furnished accommodation especially for international students. However, the number of reserved accommodation is limited, and the sooner you apply, the better your chances of finding accommodation. We therefore advise students to apply before the 1st of June (1st semester) and 1th of November (2nd semester). 
HU has reserved accommodation for the following groups of students:

Exchange students (students who study in Utrecht as part of their degree programme at another university) can rent accommodation for a period of:
• 5 or 10 months (when starting your studies in September)

Master’s students (students who enroll in an international degree programme in Utrecht) can rent accommodation for a period of:
• 5 months (when starting your studies in September)

Degree students from non EEA countries (students who need a visa for temporary residence to study in the Netherlands) can rent accommodation for a period of:
• 12 months (when starting your studies in September)

Degree students from EEA countries will have to find a room by themselves. Find out what your possibilities are.

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