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  • Eight HU students win VSBfonds grant


    The VSBfonds annually provides grants to students for further study or research projects abroad. The winners for the 2017-2018 academic year were announced last week. Eight students from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht were among the lucky winners out of a total of 165 students from various Dutch educational institutes.

  • SAUNAC helps make cities in Asia more sustainable


    An international project, the Sustainability Alliance of Urban Networks in Asian Cities (SAUNAC), was recently launched at a conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. The project is a collaborative venture between institutions of higher education (including the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht), companies, and government bodies from various countries. SAUNAC’s aim is to accelerate the design, development and implementation of solutions for the sustainability issues currently affecting Asian cities.

  • HBO Monitor 2016 results announced


    The gross hourly wage of graduates of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) rose in 2016 to €15.29. In 2015, that figure was €15.00. This means that HU alumni earn significantly more than the annual average for universities of applied sciences (€13.96). This is according to figures from the HBO Monitor 2016, the nationwide survey which universities of applied sciences can consult every year to find out their graduates’ position on the jobs market.

  • Utrecht once again one of the most competitive regions in Europe


    Utrecht is once again at the very top of the most competitive regions in Europe. The European Commission has stated that Utrecht is in joint second place after London, and has received higher scores than areas such as Paris and Frankfurt. The index uses more than 70 indicators. These cover topics such as innovation, accessibility, digital infrastructure, education, health and employment.

  • Guest lectures: an inspiring link to the professional practice

    27-01-2017 Dragons den

    International Communication and Media (ICM) offers their students all aspects of communication, marketing and media required in the creative industry. Also they develop all kinds of skills that students can apply in the professional practice. To minimize the gap between theory and practice ICM frequently invites inspiring guest lecturers.

  • Apply now for our Holland scholarships!


    New students from outside the EEA that apply for a programme at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, have the opportunity to apply for the Holland Scholarship. We have 15 scholarships to give out to excellent first-year applicants.

  • HU teaching staff to train refugees from Kenya

    09-12-2016 studenten docent kakuma

    Teaching staff from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht will spend six days at the refugee camp in Kakuma, Kenya, to train secondary school teachers. After that, the trainee teachers will continue to receive long-distance supervision in Kenya for another six months. Inge Blauw, the programme manager for educational innovation: ‘We have a lot of experience and blended teaching is one of our strengths. I think we have a social responsibility to use that more widely.’

  • International Foundation Course starts in February


    In February the International Foundation Course will start. This is a pre-bachelor preparatory programme, preparing you for a bachelor at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

  • The number of international HU students is increasing


    An increasing number of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht students are spending a semester studying abroad. There is also an increase in the number of foreign students coming here. Spain and Finland are the most popular countries for exchange programmes.

  • CARPE develops education for Vietnamese universities


    CARPE, the European Consortium on Applied Research and Professional Education co-founded by HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, is going to make its successful teaching module ‘Smart Sustainable Cities’ available to Vietnamese universities. CARPE hopes that this will contribute towards the modernization of higher education outside the Western World.

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