Objections and appeals

If the University makes a decision that you do not agree with, you can lodge an objection or appeal against that decision.

If you are enrolled as a student at the University, you can find more information by visiting klachtenwegwijzer.hu.nl. This is an internal site that is not accessible to students who are not enrolled.
Even if you are not (yet) enrolled, you can often still make an objection or appeal against a decision that has legal consequences for you, for example if you are refused enrolment for a degree programme. Below you will find a brief explanation of how these procedures work.

Objection procedure

You can lodge an objection against decisions taken by the Faculty Board on the basis of the Enrolment Regulations. These are decisions that relate directly to admission to and enrolment in a degree programme at the University. For example, if you are refused admission because you failed to enrol before 1 May or because you do not meet all requirements. You will often (but not always) find where you can submit your objection at the bottom of the decision in question.

You must submit your written objection to the Enrolment Office within two weeks of being notified of the decision. In principle, a decision on your objection will be taken within two weeks of receiving it and you will be informed of this in writing. The decision is based on a reassessment and will also include the reasons for this decision.

Appeals procedure

If your objection is rejected, the original decision will still stand. In such cases, you can still appeal against it via the HU Student Legal Protection Service. This must be done within six weeks of the announcement of the decision on your objection. This can be done by sending your written appeal to: HULoketRechtsbeschermingStudenten@hu.nl with the words ‘Notice of Appeal’ in the subject line. You can also do this by post using the following address: HU Student Legal Protection Service, Postbus 573, 3500 AN UTRECHT.

The HU Student Legal Protection Service will ensure that your appeal is processed by the appropriate, independent, University-wide body. In cases involving examinations this will be the Board of Appeal concerning Examinations (for virtually all decisions taken by the Examination Committee) or for decisions relating to enrolments, the Advisory Committee for Disputes.

Requirements for written appeals

Include the following information in your appeal:

  • your name, student number, home address and telephone number;
  • the faculty and the department / degree programme concerned;
    the date of the appeal;
  • a clear description of the decision that the appeal relates to, including the date of the decision, and the name of the person or body that made the decision;
  • a copy of the contested decision as an attachment;
  • the grounds on which your appeal is based;
  • your demand, phrased as accurately as possible;
  • your signature.

The full Objections and Appeals Procedure is described in the Student Legal Protection Service Regulations. The Objections Procedure can also be found in Section 37 of the HU Enrolments Regulations.

During the summer recess, the deadline for objections and appeals is suspended.

More information

Download the Student legal protection regulations.