Live Tagging at HU

After the successful presentation of the project during the Onderwijsdagen, HU is the first university of applied sciences to introduce Live Tagging as a lecture resource this week.

During the lecture, students can immediately assign tags (keywords) to the parts of the lecture that are relevant to them, by using a tagging application on their laptops or mobile phones. The lectures will be recorded on video as Web Lectures and then made available on the intranet, so that students can watch them again later. 'Tagging’ makes it easier for student to review important parts of the lecture. After all, they have added notes and keywords as tags at the right moment of the lecture that dealt with the relevant subject. They can share their tags and, therefore, make the relevant knowledge available to their fellow students. Scrolling down the list of tags is a more effective use of their time. Many students do watch Web Lectures, but also complain that searching for specific information within the Web Lecture is time-consuming. Live Tagging definitively solves that problem.

In the first lecture, for Digital Communication students, enough students were present to organise a proper session. After receiving the instructions, a huge QR code was revealed especially for mobile phone users, which enabled students to quickly access the data entry environment. The laptop-telephone users’ ratio was around 80-20%. In half an hour, more than 300 tags were entered during the lecture, and more than half were genuine, serious tags. Both students and lecturers were well pleased. The system will be perfected during the coming weeks, and it is our intention that Live Tagging will be available during all HU Web Lectures.

HU is investing in the quality and accessibility of its education by recording lectures and making them available online. This method of knowledge transfer appears to be a powerful and valued addition to our existing teaching formats. HU is able to make the enriched lectures available online by using Rich Media technology, which allows video, sound and digital presentation materials to be combined and subsequently presented in a synchronised manner.

Live Tagging is implemented by the Cross-media Lab, the skills lab of the Cross-media Content Research Group. It is a pilot under the Web Lectures innovation scheme, which is part of the SURFnet/Kennisnet innovation programme.

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